The Udder Option

With milk prices continuing to fall, JTM have partnered with Electrolux to help farms save money and become more sustainable.

See How Much You Can Save



All you need is one Electrolux Professional washer from JTM, with specific Farm Programs to thermally disinfect washable, reusable udder cloths. No drying necessary.

  • Save money by using washable udder cloths, rather than disposable paper towels.
  • One cloth lasts approximately 10 months*, making it more economical than using single service paper towels.
  • Support dairy sustainability and create a more environmentally friendly farm.
haccp inter 09 (yellow-blue)The first and only HACCP International certified Laundry manufacturer, Globally.





*Depending on farm conditions. Based on 3 washes per day.
**Based on 5 year lease of equipment.